Gillard Associates is a firm of architects and designers, committed to designing buildings, spaces, products and places which are as striking and innovative as they are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Driving all of our work is the need to design attractive and environmentally sustainable solutions for living, working and enjoying ourselves.


Although recent legislation requires us to act responsibly in procuring, commissioning and maintaining our building stock while reducing carbon emissions radically; we have found that our clients are just as committed to these sustainable principles. Working with them on a series of building projects we have evolved a ‘recipe’ for construction which is capable of satisfying these aspirations as well as the demands of regulation.


Using Archicad Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, we provide our clients with a full understanding and appreciation of the spatial and aesthetic content of their projects 'on screen' in the virtual environment before proceeding to the next step.


The design is then analysed using environmental software to give immediate feedback on how it is expected to perform in reality. This analysis allows the reduction of running costs and, as importantly, emissions of CO2. Using BIM we can then follow up the scheme design process with efficient documentation and specifications which provide enhanced information and understanding for contractors and developers.


Working with a proven supply chain we offer architectural services and consultancy in the following sectors:

  -Housing, including social housing

  -Self-build support

  -Community led design

  -Conservation and


Recently we have also teamed up with ARK Design and Build Ltd so we can, if required, offer a complete turnkey service from conception to completion. Gillard Associates can supply the guidance and technical skills necessary to meet the demands of new legislation...and of future generations.

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